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Commercial Insurance

A single accident or malicious act can be enough to derail a small business completely. As the owner of a small business, you probably wonder how you can keep your new venture on track.

One way to pull that off is by relying on commercial insurance. Asato Insurance LLC can help all small business owners in Utah with that goal.

Here at the agency, we provide the policies that can shield your business from all kinds of enormous losses. Learn more about the plans we offer below and discover just how helpful they can be.

The Mandatory Elements of Commercial Insurance

Commercial insurance plans provide different kinds of coverage. Some aspects of commercial insurance are not required. As the business owner, you can decide if you want to pay for them or not.

However, other aspects of commercial insurance are mandatory. The first type of commercial insurance you need is worker’s compensation insurance. Pretty much any business with employees in the state of Utah is required to have the insurance mentioned above. You could get in trouble if you are operating your business without it.

Worker’s compensation is there to protect your employees, so it is a necessary purchase on your part. Businesses that use vehicles in their daily operations must purchase commercial auto insurance. Regular auto insurance will not cover your commercial vehicles, so make sure you have the right plan.

Additional Protection Provided by Optional Commercial Insurance Elements

Technically, you may only need worker’s compensation and commercial auto insurance policies in your plan, but they may not suffice if you need complete protection.

You will need general liability insurance to shield your business against injury claims made by customers and property damage claims. Meanwhile, professional liability insurance can protect your business against claims of negligence. The importance of cyber liability insurance is also more evident these days, given how many business transactions are now conducted online.

Your business needs to be adequately protected on all fronts. That’s precisely the kind of protection you can receive from a comprehensive commercial insurance plan.

Operating your business without the safety net provided by commercial insurance can be risky. Partner with us at Asato Insurance LLC, and you will be able to eliminate that risk. We’re always ready to serve business owners in Utah, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you need a plan!

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