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RV Insurance

In Utah, recreational vehicle insurance requirements are relatively straightforward in that they are equivalent to the minimum insurance mandates for vehicle coverage in most cases. These auto and RV minimum insurance requirements include:

  • $25,000 per person for bodily injury liability
  • $65,000 for two or more persons for bodily injury liability
  • $15,000 for property damage liability

Depending on the RV’s size, type, location, and intended uses, RV insurance requirements may exceed the vehicle insurance minimums. It is highly recommended to have collision protection, which is standard in most full-coverage policies that offer higher payouts and other perks.

Types of Mandatory RV Insurance and Options

In Utah, recreational vehicle insurance is designed to protect owners and others from specific perils and natural hazards. Our agents at Asato Insurance LLC can discuss several optional coverage types to fully protect your RV investment both at home and during travel.

Let’s briefly break down the most common insurance requirements and add-ons.

  • Liability: Covers costs associated with bodily injury or property damage for others who suffer from an accident the policyholder caused.
  • Comprehensive: Covers the costs of damage due to non-collision-related incidents.
  • Vacation Liability: Covers costs associated with property damage when used for vacation purposes.
  • Roadside Assistance: Helps when the RV experiences mechanical issues.

Insurance Considerations by RV Type

Motorized RVs can be Class A, Class B, and Class C models, ranging from large, deluxe vehicles to smaller models and minis. These RVs will have mandatory requirements to carry full coverage if it is not fully paid off and titled to the owner.

New models can suffer costly damage unexpectedly, making full coverage a smart option regardless. Those who live full-time in their RV should also add on a total loss option that covers replacement value and temporary housing.

Non-motorized fifth wheels, travel trailers, and pop-up campers that are paid off can affordably hold a basic liability policy, but more costly models or ones used frequently for travel might need a customized policy. Some options will cover damage incurred at campsites, detachments from the hauling vehicle, and collisions.

Need RV Insurance in Utah?

Contact our agents at Asato Insurance LLC for personalized recommendations for policies for your RV, home, auto, and much more if you live in Utah. Call us or contact us online today for a quote.

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